Traffic Law Solicitor Blue Mountains | Mid Mountains Legal Solicitors Lithgow, Sydney, NSW

What will it cost to engage Lida’s Legal Solicitors in a traffic matter?

When consulting one of our solicitors we will ensure that you are fully informed and kept appraised as to all and any legal costs that will be incurred in connection with the traffic matter. It is important to Lida's Legal Solicitors that legal costs are kept to an absolute minimum. After all a traffic matter itself can impose a significant financial penalty on you and the last thing that we want to do is to impose a further financial burden on you. Lida's Legal Solicitors is also agreeable to discuss with you a payment plan if you are unable to raise, all the necessary funds to engage us to act for you.

Are you time poor?

We understand how you are busy during normal office hours so we offer after hours consultations up until 8pm on weekdays and we are available on weekends for traffic matters. We can also visit you at your business site during normal office hours. We fit into your work schedule.